The Formula Can Craft

Okay, so this one I did without a Pinterest inspiration, which is unusual for me. When my daughter was still using formula, we had what seemed like an endless amount of empty cans around the house. I hated just throwing them all out. My grandmother’s 80th birthday was approaching and it hit me-I could make something for her and give her a gift that would be more meaningful than anything I could buy her. I’m still quite average at the whole “crafting” thing, but it turned out to be quite lovely and I know she appreciated it.

For this one I used a formula can (duh lol), some craft paint, lace, tissue paper, a small metal flower, stamps, construction paper, a musical sheet, printed statements, and a printed, short poem I wrote for the lid. The metal flower is just a little knick-knack I collected over time. It could have been anything.

I painted over the can and the lid and let it dry overnight. I used white, pink, and a few touches of gold. On the top of the can I glued the flower a piece of lace and used tissue paper to put behind my little happy birthday poem.


On one side I used my stamps, which I don’t have a photo of, but I used green lettering to say happy birthday and I love you on one side. I actually hand wrote her name there too with black marker. I used another stamp to print some simple pink flowers beside the lettering.

I cut out a butterfly outline in construction paper to put behind a church hymn which I used for the front of the butterfly. This was actually my favorite part of the gift. It turned out a lot better than I was expecting and was so simple to do.


The part that actually meant the most is what I put on the inside. I typed up reasons why she is so special and loved. I glued these little blips onto some scrapbook paper to make it look nicer.


The photos I have taken are recent photos, and I made this about a year and a half ago. It has held up pretty well. The paint could have probably used another coat and of course I see things  I would have done more sharply but I am still pleased with it. I did what I set out to do, which was use one of these empty cans and make a meaningful gift for my grandmother who deserves every happiness in this world. Maybe you won’t try to do the same thing, but hopefully this inspires you to create something meaningful!

Playing Nevermind: My thoughts on thoughts

I recently played a first person game titled “Nevermind.” I’m still saving up for a better computer for gaming, so I was stuck playing it on my Xbox One. I got to experience the game, but the Xbox version doesn’t support the game’s biofeedback feature. The biofeedback feature is a tremendously cool idea. Using different forms of measurement (using things like webcam to monitor facial expressions, or heart rate monitors to measure pulse acceleration), the game is able to read your stress or fear and it reacts to it. Pretty neat, right?! Like I said, I didn’t get to experience this feature, but eventually I will get to trying that.

In this game, you are a neuroprober. You are able to psychologically enter the mind of trauma patients who are unable to deal with a deep seeded problem. It gives you the inception style feel as you enter the subconscious mind of the patient and find yourself in a “normal” looking place to begin with. As you progress you find yourself going through the patient’s life, albeit with some added creepy factors. The mind gets more twisted the deeper you go. You collect 10 photos containing memories. Only 5 of these photos will be relevant and that will be the final puzzle in concluding the patient’s story. The patient can then remember the issue and move on in trying to better their life.


From my experience with the Xbox version, I still got to enjoy the general game play and puzzles. This game was great for someone like me. I love the creepy style in games without it being a constant jumpscare. I hate haunted houses. I hate being jumped out at. I love creepy things. It’s a conundrum when it comes to finding these type of games that have a solid mixture. Although it had a few jumpscares, I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. The game relies less on the jumpscare style and more on the ominous sense of something dark looming around you. There are a few puzzles in each patient’s case that need to be solved before being able to progress, and being some one who appreciates a good puzzle, I was excited about this as well.


This game really shows some great potential. I wish I would have been able to experience it fully by using the biofeedback option. I would be better informed in my review. This might just be my dark side coming out, but I almost wish the patient stories were a little more twisted. It takes a decent amount of time to get through a patient story, but I would have liked them to last a little longer. Some pieces of the final puzzle came up a little too easily and I would have liked more of a challenge in having to discover them. There aren’t many patient cases either, so if they are able to do some sort of update and add more stories, I would easily raise my rating. Overall, I enjoyed the game. I would recommend trying it out, especially if you’re able to enjoy the additional features I wasn’t able to.

Final rating 7/10


Here is the link to the game website in case you’d like to see more!

My response to being called the “butthole wife”

Fair warning, this post is a little bit of a rant. If that doesn’t bother you, please continue.

I recently came across a blog that was shared several times over the span of a few days on my Facebook news feed. I can’t remember the exact name of the blog or who wrote it, but I do remember what was said. Before I get started, I want to emphasize that I am in no way trying to belittle this woman’s opinions, feelings, or life tragedies, but I have to voice my intense disagreement.

This lady tells women to stop being  the “butthole wife” in the sense that women shouldn’t be complaining about having to clean up after their hard working husbands. That’s the basic gist you get from the story. Her husband passes away and she comes to realize that she would be happy to clean up his dirty clothes now that he’s passed on. She wishes she wouldn’t have complained so much and been more appreciative. It’s a very long blog post and there’s much more to it, but you get the idea. My sympathies go out to this poor woman, but I couldn’t disagree with her more.

Even after three and a half years of marriage, in my home we have trouble deciding who does what chores and how often. We have these issues mainly because of our hectic work schedules. My husband does work more hours than I do, he makes more money, he works a 3rd shift job, and he helps around the house in the ways he can. I work part time and spend  the most time taking care of our daughter.  Being a mom came very easily to me, but being a homemaker-not so much. If i want to cook or clean I have to really, really work at it and force myself. This “butthole wife” post focuses on laundry so that is what I will try to keep my focus on.

If I leave dirty laundry on the floor, that is totally my bad. I admit that. When my husband leaves his dirty laundry on the floor, I am typically the one picking it up. Most of the time, I don’t even complain about it. There are times when I do have something to say about it. I ask him to pick his dirty clothes up and put them in the washer or the hamper and if I’m annoyed by it, that is COMPLETELY justified. I’m the one washing them and putting them away. Both partners in any marriage need to work at it. If it is one sided, someone is going to end up doing all the work and that’s when things begin to crumble.

I actually spoke to my husband about this after reading her blog post. I asked him how he felt about me telling him to clean up after himself sometimes. He felt it was a perfectly reasonable request. I told him if I saw his dirty clothes on the floor after (God forbid) he passes away before we could grow old together, I would still disagree with this woman. I’d look at those dirty clothes and cry like her, however, unlike her, I wouldn’t have wished I’d have silently worshiped the ground he walked on and felt blessed to wash his dirty socks. I would laugh to myself about how the man I loved couldn’t just pick up his dirty clothes…

What really agitated me is the way I am reminded of my stance on feminism. These days, if you consider yourself a feminist you get lumped in with the extreme feminist women who hate men and are just so disgusting to me. That being said, I am something of a feminist. I see women get walked all over, treated like objects, brushed aside, etc. I don’t think women are superior to men. I believe each gender has their own strengths. Women are strong, beautiful creatures of God and deserve respect. This woman’s blog made me feel like I am being painted as a nagging bitch of a wife aka the “butthole wife” for wanting a clean home and in the process of a clean home, asking for a little bit of team effort along the way.

I will never try to say I’m better than any other mother or wife. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. She has hers, but this is my blog, and I disagree. I’m even proud to be the “butthole wife.” Although, I would not refer to myself that way. I’m proud to be a wife to a hard working man who respects my feelings and opinions and knows that I in return, respect his.


My Simple Valentine’s Day Gift

I made the decision when I started this blog to share the stuff I do whether it sucks or not. That being said, here is the first project I will share. I actually made this one for Valentine’s Day as a gift for my husband. When money is tight but you still want to share something special besides just another card, it’s time to search the Pinterest boards! I found an idea there and it puts my finished product to shame, however, my husband loved it just the same. He keeps it on his night stand and it’s just a little reminder of our love and our wedding too.

Before I get started talking about my project I am going to add the link to the site where I found this project originally. Theirs is adorable and you should check it out for a better idea of what I was going for when I made this.

The only materials I needed were printing paper, a black marker, red construction paper, and a simple frame to put it in. The only thing I didn’t have around the house was the frame which can be found at any dollar store for the same price as it would have cost me to get him another generic card.

I filled an entire page with the lyrics of the song we danced to at our wedding which was, “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.  I outlined the shape of a tree with pencil on the printed sheet and cut it out. After using a marker to outline the tree I pasted it to a background white piece of paper. I cut out hearts in red construction paper and put white paper on top of it to write our names on since I couldn’t see the black writing on my red paper very well. I didn’t have the cute string to add to tie the hearts to the tree with, so I simply used the red paper to make it look like they were tied to it. One thing I added myself was the date of our wedding day to the base of the tree. I thought it gave it a little something special.




Now I have something that made my husband happy, was inexpensive, and even if it isn’t perfect-it is mine and it came from my own hands and that makes me happy.

Too much TV?

My daughter watches a fair amount of television, I won’t try to deny that. I had a friend once who put her daughter in front of the TV at all times unless she was sleeping or out of the house, and even when she was sleeping she would be in front of a screen. I would never judge someone over how much TV they let their child watch, but that was a little excessive for my taste.

My daughter is 19 months old now and we have a fairly regular routine in the morning. She wakes up and I change her diaper. We make our way to her high chair where I give her breakfast. While she eats breakfast she has her favorite shows that come one every day and I let her watch them through the morning and again later on in the day when they come on. She loves Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Wallykazam.

The reason I question if she watches too much is because I know all the words to the songs on these shows. I won’t say every song, but nearly every song, I know by heart. This morning she was watching TV and they asked her a question about manners. They asked what you say when you want something and she responded, “please”. I normally hear her respond when they ask questions anyway but it’s usually with some kind of baby gibberish. Lately she has been actually answering the questions with actual correct answers. I am blown away by this of course as her mother. Seeing her learning and growing to be so smart makes me feel such a joy.

Do I think she watches too much TV? Maybe from time to time, especially when I’m exhausted and too tired to entertain her. She loves her shows, but she also loves reading books, playing with toys, playing outside, swimming, and many other things. As moms I think we are too quick to judge other moms on their parenting styles. Let’s all just love our babies and raise them the best we can and be happy knowing that other women raise their children with the same mentality-That they are also doing what they think is best.

Playing GTA5 online and so many facepalms on my end

**Let me start this blog out by saying that I am not trying to imply that all men who play video games behave like this. That is all… haha.

I have just recently started playing GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto for those of you who don’t know) as well as Call of Duty Black Ops 3. They were on sale so I was able to go get them at a lower price FINALLY. I have been waiting for a while to play them.

Now that I’m able to play these games I have a major problem. My gamertag is obviously stating that I’m a female and of course the games I want to play are all played by little 12 year old boys. I’ll admit, women are getting more into the gaming world than they used to be… BUT the reason  I feel like I remain only average in my gaming skills is because I can’t go online to practice playing or I get harassed for being female. If I don’t get online and practice then I just suck and am once again harassed. Even if I’m not trying to improve, I just want to play and have fun!

It sucks that I have to hide the fact that I’m a girl if I want to be treated normally in online play. I realize how it could sound like I’m contradicting myself here. I do want to play games like GTA where I can beat up people, steal cars, do all these voilent crimes, and still expect to be treated with respect. It actually makes me laugh out loud, but hey, this is MY blog and I can feel however the hell I want about these things on here.

It would be great to connect with a lot of girl gamers who actually play because they enjoy it and not because they want attention. Contact me if you are a woman who likes to game. I think it would be so fun to get a group together of just women and not get bothered by mean boys the entire time!



You’re a mom now, so you can’t do that…

Nurturing, loving, patient, these are all words that can be used to describe mothers. These words are all good descriptions. If you were to say unique, different, edgy, or descriptive words such as these, you would never automatically assume I was referring to a mother.

After having a disagreement with my husband the other night, I began to really think about the way society sees mothers. I have had my hair dyed pink for the past 6 months and as of a few days ago it is now purple. My husband thinks this is not “motherly” hair. At first I was angry with him for saying this, like it means I’m not a good mom for having something different.

The more I began to think about it, I couldn’t really blame him. Society has defined mothers as giving their entire lives to be a mom-nothing more. In a way, I have done that. I would die for my daughter. I make sure she is fed, bathed, clothed (even though she would rather run around nakey sometimes). I change diapers and get poop on my hands and clothes. I wake up in the middle of the night for my  screaming, teething baby and rock her until she is calm before going back to bed, just to turn around and wake up at 6am and get her breakfast. I buy her clothes when she needs them instead of buying clothes for myself. I often have to skip out on plans with friends because I don’t have anyone to watch her or simply because I’m just exhausted. Some moms are able to do all this with ease and still look amazing while doing it. I’m happy if I can get out of my sweat pants and put on make up.

When I dyed my hair pink I thought, “FINALLY, I am going to do something for myself that isn’t just a ‘mom’ thing.” People stared and asked me why I did it and I told them, I have no reason other than it’s what I wanted to do. I don’t get to just do what I want on a whim anymore because I’m a mom. Now it is bright purple and I still get the same response from people. “Why did you do that?” or a lot of times I get “I LOVE that, I wish I could do it but I’m not brave enough.” It’s not bravery that makes me do this, it’s just me wanting to have a glimmer of something different that makes me feel like myself in my mundane life. I used to always want my hair in crazy colors but most places won’t allow it in the work place. My current job does allow it, so I have taken the plunge into wild hair.

There are plenty of other women who have these same issues. Not necessarily with hair, but plenty of other things. Be it hair, piercings, tattoos, going out on the weekends, working a full time job, or not going to work, being in a rock band, dancing, being an athlete, being sexy, … The list goes on a and on and on and on… No mom is ever going to appease every single person’s ideals on how they should behave as a mother. To me, this is just a sad truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade a thing as far as motherhood goes. Being a mom is the greatest joy I’ve ever known. I even enjoy the plain, boring parts that come with it. It’s that family life that I always wanted. I am so blessed to have this in my life. I just want to be able to have something that isn’t all about being a mom. A mother is one word used to describe me, so is friend, wife, and rebel.


My first post: Rambling on into the internet void.

I am going to let this first post be a very general blurb. Life is changing all around me and I see my sweet daughter about to be brought up into a world of hate, violence, jealousy, fury, lust, etc. The list goes on and on. I started a journal for her when she was born with life lessons I have learned while I’m still somewhat young. I hope that on her 16th birthday I can give it to her and they will still be relevant and  that she can relate to it.

I think of myself as a good person who gets wrapped up in the negativity of the world and lets it rub off on me sometimes. Working in customer service jobs for the past seven years or so has left me a little bitter. Maybe I will share a few of these stories at some point. There are times that I see a small act of kindness and it literally brings tears to my eyes to see that glimmer of hope in the human race. Seeing good will and love toward one another is not as common place anymore and when I get to see it first hand it gives me that positive energy to keep going strong.

Nothing more to really say on this post. Just my rambling. The next post will be more specific.