My name is Logan. I’m a twenty-something with a pretty boring life. Although it’s somewhat boring, I absolutely love it. Being a wife and mother is the best thing and I hope every woman gets the opportunity to be this happy in life. I have three younger brothers and two loving parents.

   I love playing video games, especially RPG’s. I like playing all kinds of games but just because I love to play, does not mean I am good at it. I’m average at best, and that’s perfectly fine with me. I love to win and I’m super competitive but I have accepted that I’m not the best.

    As far as crafting and DIY projects go I am still very new. I have made a few little pinterest crafts and things like that but this is also something I do not excel at. I’m just learning how to try and put the things I see in my mind into a physical object. This part of my life will be something I can learn with you.