The Formula Can Craft

Okay, so this one I did without a Pinterest inspiration, which is unusual for me. When my daughter was still using formula, we had what seemed like an endless amount of empty cans around the house. I hated just throwing them all out. My grandmother’s 80th birthday was approaching and it hit me-I could make something for her and give her a gift that would be more meaningful than anything I could buy her. I’m still quite average at the whole “crafting” thing, but it turned out to be quite lovely and I know she appreciated it.

For this one I used a formula can (duh lol), some craft paint, lace, tissue paper, a small metal flower, stamps, construction paper, a musical sheet, printed statements, and a printed, short poem I wrote for the lid. The metal flower is just a little knick-knack I collected over time. It could have been anything.

I painted over the can and the lid and let it dry overnight. I used white, pink, and a few touches of gold. On the top of the can I glued the flower a piece of lace and used tissue paper to put behind my little happy birthday poem.


On one side I used my stamps, which I don’t have a photo of, but I used green lettering to say happy birthday and I love you on one side. I actually hand wrote her name there too with black marker. I used another stamp to print some simple pink flowers beside the lettering.

I cut out a butterfly outline in construction paper to put behind a church hymn which I used for the front of the butterfly. This was actually my favorite part of the gift. It turned out a lot better than I was expecting and was so simple to do.


The part that actually meant the most is what I put on the inside. I typed up reasons why she is so special and loved. I glued these little blips onto some scrapbook paper to make it look nicer.


The photos I have taken are recent photos, and I made this about a year and a half ago. It has held up pretty well. The paint could have probably used another coat and of course I see things  I would have done more sharply but I am still pleased with it. I did what I set out to do, which was use one of these empty cans and make a meaningful gift for my grandmother who deserves every happiness in this world. Maybe you won’t try to do the same thing, but hopefully this inspires you to create something meaningful!


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