My Simple Valentine’s Day Gift

I made the decision when I started this blog to share the stuff I do whether it sucks or not. That being said, here is the first project I will share. I actually made this one for Valentine’s Day as a gift for my husband. When money is tight but you still want to share something special besides just another card, it’s time to search the Pinterest boards! I found an idea there and it puts my finished product to shame, however, my husband loved it just the same. He keeps it on his night stand and it’s just a little reminder of our love and our wedding too.

Before I get started talking about my project I am going to add the link to the site where I found this project originally. Theirs is adorable and you should check it out for a better idea of what I was going for when I made this.

The only materials I needed were printing paper, a black marker, red construction paper, and a simple frame to put it in. The only thing I didn’t have around the house was the frame which can be found at any dollar store for the same price as it would have cost me to get him another generic card.

I filled an entire page with the lyrics of the song we danced to at our wedding which was, “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.  I outlined the shape of a tree with pencil on the printed sheet and cut it out. After using a marker to outline the tree I pasted it to a background white piece of paper. I cut out hearts in red construction paper and put white paper on top of it to write our names on since I couldn’t see the black writing on my red paper very well. I didn’t have the cute string to add to tie the hearts to the tree with, so I simply used the red paper to make it look like they were tied to it. One thing I added myself was the date of our wedding day to the base of the tree. I thought it gave it a little something special.




Now I have something that made my husband happy, was inexpensive, and even if it isn’t perfect-it is mine and it came from my own hands and that makes me happy.


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