Too much TV?

My daughter watches a fair amount of television, I won’t try to deny that. I had a friend once who put her daughter in front of the TV at all times unless she was sleeping or out of the house, and even when she was sleeping she would be in front of a screen. I would never judge someone over how much TV they let their child watch, but that was a little excessive for my taste.

My daughter is 19 months old now and we have a fairly regular routine in the morning. She wakes up and I change her diaper. We make our way to her high chair where I give her breakfast. While she eats breakfast she has her favorite shows that come one every day and I let her watch them through the morning and again later on in the day when they come on. She loves Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Wallykazam.

The reason I question if she watches too much is because I know all the words to the songs on these shows. I won’t say every song, but nearly every song, I know by heart. This morning she was watching TV and they asked her a question about manners. They asked what you say when you want something and she responded, “please”. I normally hear her respond when they ask questions anyway but it’s usually with some kind of baby gibberish. Lately she has been actually answering the questions with actual correct answers. I am blown away by this of course as her mother. Seeing her learning and growing to be so smart makes me feel such a joy.

Do I think she watches too much TV? Maybe from time to time, especially when I’m exhausted and too tired to entertain her. She loves her shows, but she also loves reading books, playing with toys, playing outside, swimming, and many other things. As moms I think we are too quick to judge other moms on their parenting styles. Let’s all just love our babies and raise them the best we can and be happy knowing that other women raise their children with the same mentality-That they are also doing what they think is best.


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