Playing GTA5 online and so many facepalms on my end

**Let me start this blog out by saying that I am not trying to imply that all men who play video games behave like this. That is all… haha.

I have just recently started playing GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto for those of you who don’t know) as well as Call of Duty Black Ops 3. They were on sale so I was able to go get them at a lower price FINALLY. I have been waiting for a while to play them.

Now that I’m able to play these games I have a major problem. My gamertag is obviously stating that I’m a female and of course the games I want to play are all played by little 12 year old boys. I’ll admit, women are getting more into the gaming world than they used to be… BUT the reason  I feel like I remain only average in my gaming skills is because I can’t go online to practice playing or I get harassed for being female. If I don’t get online and practice then I just suck and am once again harassed. Even if I’m not trying to improve, I just want to play and have fun!

It sucks that I have to hide the fact that I’m a girl if I want to be treated normally in online play. I realize how it could sound like I’m contradicting myself here. I do want to play games like GTA where I can beat up people, steal cars, do all these voilent crimes, and still expect to be treated with respect. It actually makes me laugh out loud, but hey, this is MY blog and I can feel however the hell I want about these things on here.

It would be great to connect with a lot of girl gamers who actually play because they enjoy it and not because they want attention. Contact me if you are a woman who likes to game. I think it would be so fun to get a group together of just women and not get bothered by mean boys the entire time!




2 thoughts on “Playing GTA5 online and so many facepalms on my end

  1. joespeaksgeek says:

    Whenever I hear about how girls get treated in online games, it makes me cringe. Seeing how female gamers get treated in gaming communities makes me feel pangs of guilt, because even though I’m not an offender, I kind of take for granted that I’m not liable to that sort of harassment. I think it says some sad things about our community as gamers, as well as our society, that its normal for people to give you negative attention because of your gender.

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    • thecraftygamermom says:

      Aw thanks man, it’s good to hear from people like yourself that understand where I’m coming from.
      Like I said in the beginning of my post, I know not all people are like that but it’s just the way they are so loud and obnoxious about it is what makes it stand out to me.

      Appreciate the comment, thanks!

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