My first post: Rambling on into the internet void.

I am going to let this first post be a very general blurb. Life is changing all around me and I see my sweet daughter about to be brought up into a world of hate, violence, jealousy, fury, lust, etc. The list goes on and on. I started a journal for her when she was born with life lessons I have learned while I’m still somewhat young. I hope that on her 16th birthday I can give it to her and they will still be relevant and ¬†that she can relate to it.

I think of myself as a good person who gets wrapped up in the negativity of the world and lets it rub off on me sometimes. Working in customer service jobs for the past seven years or so has left me a little bitter. Maybe I will share a few of these stories at some point. There are times that I see a small act of kindness and it literally brings tears to my eyes to see that glimmer of hope in the human race. Seeing good will and love toward one another is not as common place anymore and when I get to see it first hand it gives me that positive energy to keep going strong.

Nothing more to really say on this post. Just my rambling. The next post will be more specific.


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